Be Smart About Laundry—Invest in a Smart Washer, Dryer

In today’s era of technology, where people are living automated lifestyle, laundry is considered one of the least favorite chores. However, right choice of appliances can save you from huge trouble. A combo of smart washer and dryer can ease this daunting task while saving a great deal of time and energy. Smart washer/dryer provides you pliability and freedom to operate and monitor it from wherever and whenever with the help of wi-fi enabled device. Moreover, Smart combo also plans your cycles according to your timetable, and tracks progress right from your smart device and notifies you when clothes are done. More features in appliance leads to have more possibility in malfunction. So, in order to repair washing machine repairing center in Dubai is here. Read on further to know about the additional features of Smart washer/dryer and how they make your life easier.

Capabilities of Smart Washer and Smart Dryer

Smart washer and smart dryer are like other smart appliances, they can be operated from any wi-fi enabled smart device i.e. Smart phone or tablet etc. They can provide wide range of exquisite features depending upon the model and manufacturer. Any smart washer and dryer may have following features:

Smart Washer                           

  • It can control your wash cycle remotely with the help of smart device and plans your wash cycle according to your convenience.
  • Notified you when the washing cycle is complete.
  • Tracks the conditions of the load.
  • Observes the usage of energy and runs the cycles automatically during off-peak hours.
  • Modifies the wash cycles according to fabric type and quantity of load.
  • Alerts you at right time when maintenance or repairs are required.

Smart Dryer

  • Remotely controlled drying cycle.
  • Moisture Sensors enable it to monitor the duration and temperature of drying cycle to prevent fabric damage.
  • Get notifications when drying cycle is complete.
  • To avoid the wrinkling, it keeps moving the clothes in a slow motion until you reach home.
  • Observes the consumption of energy and adjust its operating time accordingly.

Advantages of Smart Laundry

Those days are long gone when a person needs to sit beside his washer/dryer and spend his lot of time and energy in a laundry room. However, thanks to advance technology no matter wherever you are, you can cherish the advantages of smart laundry which may include:

  • Automatic self-diagnostic ability

    It can save your time and money. It helps both owner and repair technician mutually by removing the need of numerous visits for diagnosis and repair.

  • Keep you posted 

    Receiving timely notifications about status (start/finish) of the cycle can save you from lot of trouble.

  • Need-based cycles 

    Most of the smart washers/dryers adjust cycle setting according to load, shape, size and type of fabric. It saves our expensive clothes and increase their life.

  • Complements smart home lifestyle 

    Smart laundry provides you remote access to your washer/dryer and it also easily sync to any your virtual assistant such Amazon Alexa or Google home. It will also help to detect problem in appliances and help in washing machine repair. It can save your precious time and energy in various ways.

In this progressive and technology-oriented world, where time is money. You can be smart by investing in smart washer/dryer.

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