The Pros and Cons of a Ventless Dryer

In today’s fast-moving world where time is of utmost importance, clothes dryers are the necessity of almost every home. Vented and Ventless dryers are the two main types of dryers used across the globe. However, ventless dryers are getting momentum in global market nowadays. These two types make a huge impact when it comes to dryer repair in Dubai. Let us discuss what these dryers are and their pros and cons. It will aid the readers in their next purchase of dryers.

Vented Dryer

Vented dryers are the conventional dryers. Initially cost less and workable with good amount of load. However, to pump out their hot damp air/exhaust outside they need a proper vent. It can be a hole in a wall or door/window vent.

Ventless Dryer

Ventless dryers, owing to their compact size and feasibility they have become norm in Europe even though in Switzerland vented dryers have been banned since 2012.

As name suggests, ventless dryers do not have vent, they use different methods to release their moist air/exhaust. According to methods of ventilation of exhaust, following are the two main types of ventless dryers:

  1. Condenser Dryers
  2. Heat Pump Dryers

Pros and Cons of Ventless Dryers


Being Ventless

They can be very helpful where the space is at premium or there is any sort of policy restrictions because you do not need to punch a hole in wall which costs probably thousands of dollars.

Energy Efficient

They are very energy efficient and as compare to the traditional one they consume 30% less energy by using different methods such as dual loop airflow system.

More Economical

Ventless dryers sometimes cost little higher initially but in long run they are very economical resulting low energy bills. Furthermore, you don’t need to install ventilation pipe, all you need is an electric socket. Moreover, they have very low cost of maintenance.

Easy Fit

Ventless dryers usually come in compact sizes and small units which require very little space of your room and can function anywhere in your house. It is one of the reasons behind their popularity in Europe where they are used in old small houses as well as in skyscrapers.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Being ventless it does not discharge any foul gases into the atmosphere. Moreover, there is no emission of heat in surroundings and there is less chance of any clogging due to no vent to collect lint and debris to make fire risk.

Caretaker of Fabrics

Ventless dryer go easy on fabric by using only minimum required heat hence increase the life of clothes.

Complements Zero Energy/Smart Home

Ventless dryer is best suited for today’s modern buildings, which follows the concept of Passive housing and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building systems. It helps in the reduction of energy losses and utility bills.


Takes longer Time

Ventless dryer can takes twice of time as that of vented dryer because of smaller drum capacity.


Normally they come in small and compact sizes which are undesirable for some people.

High Initial Cost

Despite being energy efficient they are expensive upfront.

Increased Moisture

Sometimes, especially in case condenser dryer, they produce moisture in room therefore need proper ventilated room.

Bottom Line:

According to afro mention pros and cons, it can be concluded that ventless dryer makes a good buy because advantages outweighs disadvantages. And ventless may cost you low when it comes to dryer repair.

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