Why Does My Dishwasher Stink? Can I Fix It?

It is very common to notice that after constant use of dishwasher for some time, it starts to smell like fish or rotten eggs. One may quick to blame his/her automatic dish washing product. However, that’s not the case. Stinky dishes are mainly the result of dirty dishwasher. Luckily, one can fix this problem without calling a professional. Read on to learn more about cause and solutions of stinky dishwasher or call for help dishwasher repair in Dubai.


Following are the main reasons behind stinky dishwasher:

  • Mucky Filters
  • Build-up: Limescale, Grease and Food
  • Bent Drainage pipes
  • Choked Hose and Vent
  • Water Softeners

Fixing Smelly Dishwasher

You can fix your smelly dishwasher easily by yourself. Following are some tips to fix the issue:

  1. Washing Filter :

    One of the biggest reasons behind nasty dishwasher smell is the blockage of filter. Modern-day dishwashers come with drain filter; its function is to prevent food particles entering drain. You need to remove the filter from the bottom of washer. Clean it with hot water and soap, using stiff scrub brush to clean it effectively. You should read manual to know about the proper process of removing and inserting filter.

  2. Cleaning Spray Arm :

    Sometimes spray arm get clogged with food particles and do not clean the dishes properly, so the remaining debris cause smell in dishwasher. You need to remove both upper and lower spray arms. Hold one arm over the kitchen sink and get rid of stuck food particles using cotton swab. Then run water through arm to make sure all holes are clear. Repeat the process with second arm too.

  3. Clean out the Machine :

    A After cleaning filter and spray arms, if it still stinks than you need to explore the wonders of inside machine cleaning. First, you need to make a simple paste of baking soda, dish soap and water. Then remove the both racks and run them under warm water in kitchen sink. Now scrub the interior of machine including walls, gaskets and door with the rag or sponge using the paste. Wipe out the mixture from dishwasher by running empty cycle at high temperature.

  4. Check out the Drain Hose :

    If smell still prevails or comes back quickly after following above tips, then you need to check the drain hose. Investigate the drain to see if it bent up or restricted and hinder the flow. You need to raise the loop of drain little higher if wastewater from sink appears backing up in dishwasher.

These are the main reasons which can cause dishwasher malfunction. For dishwasher repair, if problem is undetected to you its better call for an expert.

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